Katie Denham Interiors



other things we need

we need measurements of your room(s).Sketch out the room layout including locations of windows and doors as shown in the sample sketches on the following pages. Use a tape measure and provide measurements of each wall corner to corner. Jot down sizes of each window, door and built-in.

We also need sketches of each wall, showing ceiling height, power outlets, heights of windows and doors, and location of any wall sconces, heating and air vents or anything else that may affect design decisions.

Make sure all measurements are on your sketches.

Tip: graph paper makes this process much easier! Printable graph paper is provided with the sample sketches here.

Scan your sketch and attatch to the client information form.

we need photos of your room(s). We would like to see photos of each wall and 2-3 views of the whole room.

what inspires you? We would like to see magazine photos that inspire you and that express your dreams for the room(s). You may provide internet links, scanned magazine images or personal photos, anything that expresses what you are looking for.

You can attach up to 4 files to the client information form.

Download the sample sketches